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Twenty five years ago, a friend told me about a book that rocked her world called,”The Game of Life and How to Play it”, by Florence Scovel Shinn. I bought the book and it rocked my world, too. The book was written in 1925-long before “The Secret” and illustrates how to approach the Laws of Attraction.   She was an artist,healer, metaphysician and had a strong desire to help people.  The book is filled with wisdom and taught me how to pray in a way that felt new and very right to me.I have shared the wisdom of what I learned from this book over and over again with many clients and friends and I’m excited to share it with YOU!The idea is to pray/ask (or insert whatever word works best for you) for what you desire with gratitude and without attachment and as if you have already received.

*( Note: there is a lot of Christianity based ideology in this book-do not let that detour you if it is not your belief system. This book is filled with gems to live by…**edit as needed).

Here’s a little taste of how I do it, because I’ve made it my own:  You begin with GRATITUDE (no big surprise there) for already receiving ……So, begin with “Thank you for (the perfect job,mate,home, inspiration etc. in a nonspecific way. This is very important because the universe/G-d may have something much better in store for you)__________________________, quickly (because who wants to wait, right!?), with grace, for the highest good, in the perfect way.”     ”The perfect way” is very important because it is assuming that the universe is taking care of it by divine plan and without harm. If this resonates with you please ,let me know ,pass it along and share. Be well!

Marci xo

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The perfect antidote to dry winter skin! You’re welcome!



fafsa site down

tab-leap2Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve – Every day is an opportunity to start again

Welcome to my new website.

In honor of the full moon tonight, I am finally releasing my website out into the world. I have held off for several months because of my own particular fears – fear of exposing myself to the world, mainly, sharing who I am… and, well… maybe a little perfectionism thrown in there, too.

Why a full moon? At its most simple, it’s a time to release that which no longer serves you. What no longer serves you?

I have a full moon ritual that I share with my clients regularly for just that purpose. I’m excited to now share it with you. My favorite way to do this:

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa. A hint….Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose tea with honey will elevate things to a magical level. Light a candle. Sit in a cozy spot with a journal or a piece of paper and your favorite pen. A soft blanket makes it even better. I’m all about cozy! Take a deep breath; release the day, release the month. Dig deep, find all that you would like to let go, and begin to write. Be messy. Don’t worry about making it neat and tidy… just go. Allow the truth to emerge, be forgiving of yourself, no judgement… the big stuff and the minutia. When you have finished (yes, I know, it will never be finished), burn it! Maybe in a fireplace, over a candle on a plate (please do this with great care and attention). Breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

Thank you for joining me in this full moon ritual. Please share your personal experience privately with me by emailing me. I would love to hear your experience.

tab-nourish2Salad rapture!
Transition into winter…

Grilled Romaine Salad inspired by El Meze

Grilled Romaine Salad inspired by El Meze

This is my favorite salad for a warm and hearty transition into winter.
You will need:
A head of romaine lettuce (As a side salad a half per person is probably fine. As an entree salad, you might serve a whole head – two halves… it wilts a little – in a good way)
a fruity olive oil
cherry tomatoes (optional)
lemon (with
extra on the table)
nice Parmesan cheese
chicken (optional and either grilled or rotisserie)
steak (also optional)
salt and pepper
I always use organic when possible.
*I plated this with a slice of Saga Blue cheese when I made this lunch for my friend, Liz.

You will need either a BBQ grill or a grill pan. Slice the head of romaine in half, wash lettuce and (this is important!) dry it fully. Give the romaine a light coating of olive oil and season it with salt and pepper to your liking. Grill it until there is a little brown and it begins to sweat. Not too long… you’ll want a contrast between the raw and seared lettuce. Plate the half of romaine, quickly squeeze lemon liberally (at least that’s how I like it), add the cheese, meat and tomatoes (use what you enjoy and think of it as a blank canvas… avocado, anchovies, diced cucumber… be creative).

*This recipe is inspired by Chef Fred Muller’s Grilled Caesar Salad at El Meze restaurant in Taos, New Mexico, yum!

All We Have…

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Cozy Life


Winter is quiet time – a time for morning fires with coffee, introspection, blankets… Uranprisligua .