tab-leap2Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve – Every day is an opportunity to start again

Welcome to my new website.

In honor of the full moon tonight, I am finally releasing my website out into the world. I have held off for several months because of my own particular fears – fear of exposing myself to the world, mainly, sharing who I am… and, well… maybe a little perfectionism thrown in there, too.

Why a full moon? At its most simple, it’s a time to release that which no longer serves you. What no longer serves you?

I have a full moon ritual that I share with my clients regularly for just that purpose. I’m excited to now share it with you. My favorite way to do this:

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa. A hint….Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose tea with honey will elevate things to a magical level. Light a candle. Sit in a cozy spot with a journal or a piece of paper and your favorite pen. A soft blanket makes it even better. I’m all about cozy! Take a deep breath; release the day, release the month. Dig deep, find all that you would like to let go, and begin to write. Be messy. Don’t worry about making it neat and tidy… just go. Allow the truth to emerge, be forgiving of yourself, no judgement… the big stuff and the minutia. When you have finished (yes, I know, it will never be finished), burn it! Maybe in a fireplace, over a candle on a plate (please do this with great care and attention). Breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

Thank you for joining me in this full moon ritual. Please share your personal experience privately with me by emailing me. I would love to hear your experience.