Marci really helped me clarify my next steps and I felt so clear and focused at the end of my session. A really transformative step for me!!!” – Catherine Ralston, The Taos Psychic

“Marci Kipnis is my drug of choice.” – a business owner in Los Angeles, CA

“Her clarity and kind heart makes each step less frightening” – an actor in LA

“When she gets goosebumps, I know we’re on the right track” – a Chicago business executive

“Damn, she’s insightful!” – a Taos  artist

“Marci is an absolute inspiration. Every chance I have to speak to her, I am reminded of all the beautiful qualities that Marci exudes. I am grateful to have been introduced to her and feel blessed to have her positive energy in my life. I look forward to my continued growth and feel confident that my goals are achievable with Marci by my side.” – Karen A. (Los Angeles)